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Old Mill, 2016, single-channel video installation / screen, stereo (no dialogues), 6 min., loop, edition: 5 + 1AP

(translation, draft)
The Old Mill is a skeleton of bricks with an open side, without a roof, with numerous openings where doors and windows were once used. It stands entirely alone and lost down on a slope, where the plain runs into an immense expanse. It stands for a time that once was and no longer is, it stands there and gives no protection, has no protection itself, precariously. The recordings circumnavigate the old mill, from all sides and coming closer, ultimately in the courtyard, where there is nothing but the surrounding walls. Otherwise the same as outside, snow and a few shrubs.
While the images look almost static and only minime movements, such as the sparse vegetation or individual snowflakes are visible, on the audio level the raw of nature and the exposure of the human being behind the camera becomes tangible.

© 2016, all rigths reserved.